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From Stump Grinding to Tree Trimming all the way to Complete Tree Removal - We've got you covered and then some


With training that meets the tree care industry’s standards, our highly-skilled tree crew can remove your tree with the proper tools and equipment and give utmost care to your home and delicate landscaping.  We will also ensure that the resulting mess from the tree removal is picked up throughout the entire process so that your property will remain neat and tidy.


Are your trees in need for a trim?  Kidder Tree Service specializes in tree trimming services, also referred to as tree pruning.  To maintain your trees’ charm, health, and safety, we recommend having your trees trimmed on a regular schedule for every 1-2 years, depending on the tree species.  You can talk to one of our tree specialists to help you determine the frequency.


Our skilled tree crew can remove old stumps or add it onto our tree removal services.   Using a high-powered stump grinding machine, we finely chip the stump down to about 18 inches below the surface to destroy the heart of the tree’s root system — thus preventing the spread of the roots and the regrowth of new limbs that may start to grow out of an old stump.

We work with a wide variety of clients from large property owners, real estate agents, developers and construction companies, various contractors, and government agencies.  We understand that landscaping not only affects the aesthetics of properties, but it also influences the property’s value and safety.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.


Kidder Tree Service is available 7 days a week for emergency tree removals and other emergency tree services. Weak or deceased trees can create a hazardous environment, and unfortunately sometimes the unexpected happens. It is important that you call a professional emergency tree trimmer if you start to question the safety of your tree. 


The Kidder Tree Difference

  • Fast, Responsive Service

  • Competitive & Fair Rates

  • Expert Level Care (yes, Scott IS that good!)

  • Finally! You're Being Treated like Family (versus another person with a thick wallet!!)

  • Let's Face It - if you've made it this far, you're ready to give us a chance!

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